A New Normal

The movie Melancholia is one of those movies that I tend to put on once in a blue moon when I want to spiral into the oblivion. It's beautiful, it stars my favorite actress and it allows for the nothingness you may hope for to actual happen - and to everyone.

I feel we're living in that right now. Yes, some people are better off than others during this time, but we're all still in danger of this virus. And there is a special place in hell for those refusing to follow State guidelines in protecting each other and getting this virus under control.

People who are out of work, women/men/children in abusive households, individuals with mental illnesses, those who are homeless, people incarcerated, workers in an 'essential' position who feel there is no other choice than to work and either be exposed to someone with the virus or be beat down by patrons harassing them than not get a paycheck - - - they are out there and need the world to come to a 'normal' more than those who just want their local town to open back up because they're bored.

Take care of each other. Wear a damn mask - healthcare workers wear them for hours, so don't act like you can't wear one to go to Costco. Before protesting or ranting on Facebook, do your homework instead of creating misinformed pollution. It's not about the government saying it's OK to 'Re-open' so you can now go to T.J. Maxx. It's about the medical experts advising how it'll be SAFE to 're-open.'

OK, so what does this have to do with fashion?

Not much. Or maybe not. For me, I needed to rant. But there have been a lot of designers from global brands to the indie designer next door stepping up to produce masks and other PPE for those in need. To see this call for need is outstanding! And I love the design and creativity that has come from this - just make sure you properly use your mask.

Fashion, when you think of it in terms of runway, photo shoots and selling trendy garments, may seem unnecessary. But when you think of the art to it - it's needed. And that's why I (and I assume so many other designers) feel the need to create and craft designs to create beauty and express inner feelings right now.

If you can, support independent businesses. Take this time to re-do your style and come out of this quarantine looking the best you ever have. If you cannot support these businesses with purchases, send a 'Like,' follow them and help build social media presences because in the end, we just want to party with you when this is all over.

For the Sibyl Vain update in all this...I've actually been super fortunate to continue my day job during this time and quarantine with family though it's away from my sewing studio. I've been rebuilding a new website to best showcase my brand and will soon return to sewing. I can't wait to start creating new designs!

Stay safe everyone and take care of yourself and those around you.

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