Star Gazer

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Right before Drag Con NYC 2019, I joined forces with two amazing artists to get a look book together for promo. The results were able to both capture the duality in my designs - showcasing both the fun, colorful punk as well as the glam, goth badass.

I had worked with model Allison Goldfire back in 2013 for the cover story of Cynical Fashion Magazine and her look has been ever-changing since. I still knew that no matter what I brought for our shoot, she would give life to the fabrics.

Opt Photo was behind the lens and his work is beautiful outdoors and in studio. In the end, we stayed inside with a plain, studio backdrop to clearly showcase fashions for this mini look book. The scorching summer heat had nothing to do with this choice either as we know goths fare best in the sun and high temperatures.

So we sacrificed some babies - the blood makes for an interesting mimosa - called upon the four corners and brought out the Ouija board for photoshoot guidance, you know, as one does.

We mixed new and archived pieces and this was the first time I got to showcase my sequined fringe 'Jinx' shawl and mini version of the 'I Am the Night' studded batwing cloak. An archive piece that has never really seen the light of day is the Marilyn Manson revamped dress and we just had to shoot it that day.

With the sunlight blocked, Opt Photo decided to bring a little color to the shoot space and yes, it's your eyes that are green with envy. A bit bummed we didn't think to shoot the batwing cloak against this - imagine the studs reflecting the colors like Harley Quinn pretending to be a disco ball in Batman's wardrobe.


Model: Allison Goldfire

Photo: Opt Photo

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