Updated: Jun 30, 2018

2006 was the year I went to my first Warped Tour along with my sister. We went twice actually and I got crazy sunburn lines. We saw MCR, Boys Night Out, Joan Jett, AFI and SO many more. I went on to do live coverage of Warped for a couple years with one of the most awkward in-person interviews with From First to Last I've ever done (Bullet for My Valentine at Mayhem Fest '09 would take first place a little later on). But my proudest moment came when I was accepted as a vendor. I was finally a part of history.

And once again, Sibyl Vain Clothing will be a part of punk rock history.

This year marks the final year of the last full scale punk rock country tour and we'll be there as one of the many vendors to say goodbye. Check out the Events page for exact dates. Who knows what the future will bring for the punk scene, but I hope to be a part of that too.



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