Glitter Legends Trio

Glitter Legends Trio


Collect them all! This set includes each of the larger candle scents that features an icon of entertainment with glitter accents on the outer glass design. 


-No Fudges Given

This isn’t Caddyshack – it’s DIVINE

Scents: Nutty fudge brownie. One of the best chocolate fragrances I've come across and the scent is only made sweeter as the wick burns and releases the vanilla praline.


-Dope Show

The first sweet sips distract you from an ensuing insanity

Scents: Candy Absinthe. A dark fruit bites through a light absinthe fragrance


-Cosmic Jade

Burn while waiting for the Starman to send Ziggy back

Scents: Floral jade and citrus. Like walking the cactus-filled deserts waiting for the mothership.


Bowie & Divine artwork by the talented Molly Monroe


9oz hand poured soy candle. Metal black cap included. Burn-safe glass decal featuring a glitterized David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust, Divine and Marilyn Manson. Candles burns for minimum of 45 hours and candle jar makes for a decorative piece.


WARNING: Always burn within site for no more than  4 hours at a time. Keep away flammable objects and make sure kids or pets never get too close. Trim wick after most burns and do not put cap back on jar while candle is burning or until candle has cooled.

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