Glittery Heats Jinx Shawl

Glittery Heats Jinx Shawl


Beautiful Jinx fringe shawl crafted from pink tulle that is covered in magenta glitter stars with a matching trim. A satin-like soft pink material lines the shawl and there's almost four yards of fringe trim. 


Size: one size fits most (awesomely)

Notes: Drapes well on a variety of body shapes. Your height and shoulder width will determine where the sleeve will hit on the arm



One size fits most awesomely

Back Length: 23" 

Arm Span: 46"

Arm Hole: 22"

Recommended Shoulder: 21"

Recommended: Handwash areas if needed, Avoid soaking fringe, Do not soak for periods longer than 20 minutes as to preserve the glitter, Let air dry, Steam/light iron if needed

Can be dry-cleaned as well