Heart-Shaped Wax Melts

Heart-Shaped Wax Melts


Candle scents are now offered as heart-shaped wax melts! ***Please note - orders for this product will not be ready to ship until 12/10***


There are 6 hearts in an order with each wax melt being about .5 fluid ounces for up to a 5 hour burn time on each melt.


Can't decide? Want to try them all before purchasing candles? 
Select the "MIXED" option in the drop down menu and then list in the field provided up to THREE scents  (as they are packaged in groups of two)


-Lydia's Seance (sweet amber)
-Beetle Wake Up Juice (whiskey spiked hazelnut coffee)
-Delia Drunk in the Roses (fresh cucumber with a sweet rose finish)
-Angela <3s Jordan (spiced wine and musk)
-Rayanne's Talisman (Cucumber melon with incense and lime)
-Rickie's Eyeliner (smokey amber)
-Cosmic Jade (floral cactus)
-Dope Show (candy absinthe)
-No Fudges Given (vanilla nutty chocolate)


All sales final on wax melts

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