Rickie's Eyeliner

Rickie's Eyeliner


Be one of the fabulous and loved in the afterlife


Scents: Amber Noir and Fire. A calm, smokey scent (think campfire or a pipe) that is also a little sweet and powdery.


7oz hand poured soy candle with hemp wick. Plastic black cap included. Burn-safe glass decal featuring The My So Called Life logo with a Rickie Vasquez quote. Candle burns for minimum of 35 hours and candle jar makes for a decorative piece.


WARNING: Always burn within site for no more than  4 hours at a time. Keep away flammable objects and make sure kids or pets never get too close. Trim wick after most burns and do not put cap back on jar while candle is burning or until candle has cooled.

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